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Wireless network construction technology

In late years information terminal equipments spread, and the information terminal equipment including the personal computer becomes essential to not only the workplace and the office but also each family. With it, the networks to exchange the information between plural information terminals spread.Particularly, the use in movement average and the whereabouts increases by the appearance of the mobile terminal, and it increases that a wireless network is used, and the use at public accommodation or the store which are available to wireless networks increases. 


Besides, I can hold down a wiring expense and a cable maintenance management expense to a wireless network, and it does not need the wiring, and there is the advantage to be able to omit trouble when I add an information terminal equipment newly. 

However, security is low, and transmission rate is slow, and there are several faults such as the instability of the data communication, too. In this laboratory, it is intended to stabilize improvement and the communication of the transmission efficiency and performs a research about the technique to stay, and to equalize the communication opportunity of the elucidation of the terminal problem and each terminal to occur by the collision of data at the time of the communication.