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Language system data analysis

There are several thousand kinds of languages in the world and is full of variety. The linguist searches it for a long time what kind of universality hides behind in the variety of world languages. The research that I applied IT to is developed recently.

By language data by the linguists, I usually distinguish languages by a language name, but the case that the plural names are included in for one language happens quite often. In addition, I cannot often distinguish a language only by the name of the language because existence and notation 、讀、ハ、ノ、ャ of another name of the language are included. In other words the unique identifer of the language may not be included by the data about world languages and becomes the problem when this performs matching of language data. 

It is difficult at all that it needs a vast work load that the language data about world languages identify a language by manual labor because the number of the languages amounts to 1,000 units and needs the technical knowledge.Therefore we handle a language classification as hierarchy structure like figure 1 and wrestle in judging language identity during different data by computer automatic processing.ニテ、ヒ。「2 、ト、ホーロ、ハ、ウリシヤ、ヒ、隍ノスキチシー、ホクタク・ヌ。シ・ソ、ホーハ、ヒクタク・ウ。シ・ノ、ャノユ、ア、、、ニ、、、ハ、、セケ遉ヒ、ェ、ア、クタクニアータュ、ホフ萃熙ヒセヌナタ、ナ、ニ、、ウ、ネ、ヌ。「イキ隍ゾ、テ、ニ、、、゙、ケ。」