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Damaged information system

Japan is a very country with much natural disaster. As for the means of communication, there are many things using public lines such as a landline and a cell-phone, the Internet when natural disaster happened. However, in the case of a large-scale disaster, the permanent public line cannot often perform communication smoothly because communication of the cutting of the cable and enormous quantity rushes. 

Therefore I build an antenna in the refuge and build an autonomous wireless network.As for this work, restoration is possible in people except the setting supplier to perform it between inhabitants even if I receive damage.I can in this way hold stable information sharing even at the time of a disaster.  


。ヲResearch of the wireless network to link the refuge

It is necessary to compose a network of little communication machine parts to manage a damaged information sharing system just after the disaster outbreak. Therefore I research the radio base station placement algorithm to perform the communication with radio facilities as few as possible in this research. In addition, the communication experiment in the Sayama, Yamaguchi-shi district reaches to confirm the algorithmic usefulness that I suggested. 



。ヲResearch about the interface of the system

I perform a safety information sharing "who is in which refuge" by registering information such as a full name, the family constitution of a victim evacuating at the time of a disaster. However, many victims evacuate to the refuge. Therefore I can input to anyone and perform a research to make the user interface that can input information quickly and exactly.


。ヲResearch of a visual system using the map information

From the data which a victim input at a refuge, I express the number of the refugees of each refuge with size of Japanese yen on the map. I make use for the supply of relief supplies by grasping it visually (quickly) in this way. Therefore I am going to realize it using map information.


。ヲResearch about the normal time use of the damaged system

The information reception is possible, but an existing information communications network may cut it at the time of the disaster to occur accidentally in real time if I use a PC or the cell-phone in normal time. Facilities of ICT ヘウ靉ムエネラ which took the correspondence at the time of disaster prevention, クココメ and the disaster into consideration are necessary to solve this problem. Because it is a person to use the technology that developed, the normal time use is important to the disaster use of the ICT. Therefore, in this research, I perform a research using at normal time of an electronic circular notice system and damaged information sharing systems such as sightseeing route recommendation system.