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Analysis by the computer simulation is accomplished in various research fields.
In the field of biology, the use of the computer including the use of the database to summarize simulation in the analysis of genome sequence and the amino acid sequence and enormous information in becomes unavoidable in that, Information science and the field of such as bioinformatics and the system biology biological fusion are born as the field of of new biology 1, and development such as a database or the simulation software is studied, and a trial to understand life as a system is performed flourishingly.


In this laboratory, plan efficiency using a simulation tool or database Petri-net called GINsim in the research that the laboratory of the field of creatures of an Escherichia coli metabolic pathway, mouse clock gene or the signal transmission course goes to, and understand a creature as a system; research it.











。ヲBiopathway Analysis Center, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University

。ヲPetri Net Pathways