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Cellular activities are precisely maintained in good condition including various biochemical interactions and processes, such as signaling pathways, metabolic pathways and gene regulation networks. The modeling and analysis of these biological networks have been investigated from quantitative and qualitative aspects by using various types of Petri. The qualitative analysis for even large scale and complex biological networks can be handled with the intuitive structural and behavioral properties defined by Petri nets.

spacerSignaling pathways

We model and analyze signaling pathways based on discrete Petri nets. Clicking a pathway name brings you to the biological pathway with Petri net as well as corresponding detailed explanation with flash animation.

| G-protein | IL-1 | IL-1,6 | IL-3 | IL-6 | PDGF | IGF-1 | TPO | TGF-beta | EGF | Ca-signaling | EGFR | endocytosis | GPCR | GTPase | MAPK | PKA | transcriptional reactions | PiP-signal | apoptosis |